Carbohydrate Substitutes for the Atkins diet

Hyperborean down on carbohydrates with the Atkins diet is easy when you see the wide variety of proteins and vegetables that are on the acceptable foods list. However, it does take some time and adjustment to get used to this new way of eating. A lot of the American diet centers around complex carbohydrate foods like breads and pastas. Snack foods are full of sugars and refined carbohydrates. This new way of eating will challenge your old habits. However, there are many carbohydrate substitutes that can fill in the gap.

Some of the most admitted replacement items are sugar substitutes. These encumbrance be good or bad depending on how you react to them. Each person has a different reaction to artificial sweeteners like aspartame and Splenda. They can be helpful in baking low – carbohydrate treats and making things taste sweet without risking sugar use. However, many humans find that using artificial sweeteners makes them crave sugar even more. If you acquisition you fancy more sweet treats after drinking a diet soda or eating a snack made salt away Splenda, its best to eliminate them entirely from your diet.

Bread is the number one challenge that Atkins dieters face when looking at their new diet plans. Bread is a staple food for many people, and eliminating it contract be fairly of a problem. There are some low carb breads available out there, but you have to watch for hidden carbohydrates and other unacceptable ingredients. If you are ambitious, you guilt try making your own bread surface of almond flour or other non – traditional flours.

Many people say that they idolatry pasta, but people vary rarely eat it plain. The super part about pasta is the topping. So taking those toppings ( meat, cheese and vegetables ) and putting them in that something other is an easy solution. Many persons who follow the Atkins plan have found that squash makes a good pasta substitute. Spaghetti squash, a yellow orange gourd take cover lengthened insides, is a natal base for homemade meat sauce. Zucchini is also a good pasta buy for. You can grate in into fine pieces or chunk it up into sections to act as a base for sauces. Lasagna is easily made with large pieces of eggplant as a substitute for the noodles. The meats and cheeses used moment lasagna are low – carb ergo there’s nothing to worry about there.

Another common problem for Atkins dieters is finding a good steward for rice. One popular solution is to use cauliflower. Simply place the cauliflower florettes spell a food processor and chop them until they are rice sizes pieces. Therefore microwave the “rice” irretrievable water. The pieces will come out fluffy and ready to be used agency casseroles or as apportionment of a side dish.

Cauliflower is also a popular potato substitute for Atkins dieters. This time, puree the cauliflower until it is waveless and creamy, just like mashed potatoes. You subjection add your favorite low – carb topping to it like bacon, sharp cream and cheese.

Pizza is a favorite food for many people, but there are Atkins friendly solutions for homemade pizzas that taste just as good. You can make small pizzas using low – carb tortillas as the crust. You can also use the same method with large Portobello mushrooms. If the alternative crust options don’t sound good to you, you can also endeavor a pizza casserole with all of the ingredient layered in a casserole dish.
These substitutes will help you wink at indulging in your high – carb favorites while on the Atkins diet.


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Carbohydrate Cravings and the Atkins diet

Carbohydrate cravings are difficult to deal with, especially when you are trying to maintain a low carbohydrate way of life. However, carbohydrate cravings are not uncolored a matter of will power. As Dr. Atkins points out in his book, carbohydrates produce a flood of insulin and a rise in blood sugar. There is indeed a physical trigger for carbohydrate cravings, and it is one of the reasons that it is so easy to develop a high – carbohydrate, low protein way of eating.

There are many signs of physical carbohydrate cravings. You will experience a strenuous hunger for carbohydrate opulent foods. Overtime, you leave develop a growing need for starches, snack foods and sweets. Additionally, you may experience cravings and manipulation gain after using some of the carbohydrate act – a – likes such as sugar substitutes and alcohol.

High carbohydrate foods are everywhere, which makes the cravings even harder to overcome. Eating the high – sugar, refined animation foods will feed your cravings and create too many, immeasurably consonant a drug habitus. In fact, high levels of carbohydrates produce sky-high levels of the brain chemical seratonin, which is the chemical found in Prozac and other anti – depressants. So eating high levels of carbohydrates is self – medicating. People with low levels of seratonin are prone to using carbohydrates like a drug.

Tension and stress can also lead to overeating carbohydrate – laden foods. When we are tense, the adrenal gland creates more cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone that stimulates production of a brain chemical that causes carbohydrate cravings. Solid also stimulates insulin, which leads to blood sugar dips and more fat storage.

Considering all of these factors, it may seem impossible to live on a low – carbohydrate diet. However, following the Atkins plan is one of the best ways to break the circle of carbohydrate addiction and gate truck your life and your health. The Atkins stratagem helps you take control of your cravings and rid yourself of years of damage caused by eating too many carbohydrates.

While on the Atkins diet, you may experience some carbohydrate cravings from instance to time, especially during the primitive phases of the diet. However, these will lessen as your body becomes more used to eating a protein – centered diet. In order to keep your cravings in check, eat small meals or snacks that contain protein every few hours. This will keep your blood sugars stable and avoid the “crash” you feel when you go hungry. Skipping meals will cause drops in blood sugar and leave you longing sweets.

Protein and fat, which are the focus of the Atkins plan, will give your body extended energy. Make sure you are getting enough levels of the right-hand fats. Sometimes an Omega 3 fish oil supplement will help substratum off carbohydrate cravings.

Cravings for foods can sometimes be caused by dehydration. It’s a good rule of thumb to drink a glass of wash before reaching for any type of snack. Sometimes liking can secrete itself as hunger. When your body is properly hydrated, it will run more efficiently and you will mark a decrease pressure cravings.
Recognize that there is a physical addiction to carbohydrates that bequeath need to be broken. Don’t worry if you feel overwhelmed with cravings for carbs after the first few days on the plan. This is normal. Your body is used to running on a diet full of sugar and carbohydrates. Corporal will take some time to adjust to this new way of eating. Normally, these feelings don’t last too many than the two – point induction period. Stay committed to this new behaviour of eating and you will see the benefits quickly.

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Atkins Snack Choices

We live monopoly a society of nibblers. Long gone are the usual three square meals per life span. Straightaway, people eat at their desks, catch a snack in the afternoon and eat slow night goodies. Most, if not all, of these snacks are carbohydrate based and full of sugar. This poses a challenge to people who are immense to follow the Atkins plan. Snacking is a necessary sliver of keeping your blood sugar progress, but most packaged snack foods are forbidden on the plan.

Sweet snacks are high leadership calories, full of empty carbohydrates and offer no nutritional value. But they sure are notorious. Ace is actually a Snack Food Association that tracks sales of packaged snack foods. It is estimated that Americans eat 3. 1 billion pounds of chocolate. Snacking has increased more than a third since 1988. Sales of snack foods gross over $30 billion a year.

If you’ve been a snack food junkie you’ve become used to eating carbohydrates of the worst kind. Snack foods are made from over refined carbohydrates like white flour, white sugar, corn meal and corn syrup. They are uplifted in trans – fats ( which is a contributor to clogged arteries ). All in all, they are probably one of the worst store choices you could be making.

But there is hope! You can ding your love of snack foods by forming Atkins – friendly snacking choices. Before you can make the switch, make sure to educate yourself. Kumtux just how dangerous trans fats can put on by declaiming up on them. Then read the ingredients label of your favorite snack foods. You may be shocked to discover how many trans fats, artificial flavorings and preservatives that you are eating.

Next, get rid of all of the snack foods in your house. If its not there, then you can’t eat it. Junk cuisine is not good for anyone in your home so ignore your family’s complaints and do what is best for the health of everyone.

Now you’ll need to replace those snack foods with some better choices. Giving up your snack foods is not the same as giving up snacks. Snacks should be a unit of your stale eating plan because it will help you from becoming too hungry and indulging in high – carbohydrate treats.

There are plenty of melancholy carbohydrate snacks that are easy to make and simple to have around the joint. String cheese sticks or small cheese rounds are very easy to keep in the refrigerator. Meat snacks are also a good choice. You can buy jerky strips and other meat wares that keep well for long periods of time. When you buy cheese or meat sticks, make sure to read the labels carefully for hidden carbs.

There are low carb instant soups available that are very easy to make and satisfying if you are motive far-reaching hot. Low carb soy chips and celery rap help with “crunchy” cravings. Try adding undeveloped butter or cream cheese parade to subsume more protein to these snacks. Also, you can’t beat a handful of nuts for a high – protein, quick snack.

All of the previously mentioned snacks are sound for the initial phases of the Atkins diet and beyond. If you are past the induction phase, you can enjoy berries with cream as a snack. There are also many acceptable fruits that make good snacks for the pre – maintenance phase.

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Atkins Shopping Tips

When you start the Atkins diet, you are entering a new world of eating. And nowhere is that more apparent than at the supermarket. Suddenly, replete of your stand – by foods allied macaroni and cheese, pasta and support are no longer on your shopping catalogue. When you go shopping for the first few times you may caress like a fish foreign of water. However, with a bit of practice you’ll feel dependable due to comfortable as you were with your previous shopping lists.

Successful Atkins shopping starts before you reach the store. There are multitudinous resources for shopping lists online and in Atkins books. Before you head for the store, make a list of the week’s recipes and then decide what you’ll need to make each meal. Make sure to purchase low – carb snacks for in between meals.

Also, strategy for modifications to the meals for other people in your home. You won’t reproduce able to make totally different meals for yourself and your family for the longish term. The best approach is to use the main meat dish for your subsistence for the all family and then a carbohydrate side dish for your family. For case, if you are eating meatloaf you can add half a potato for the other members of your family.

Once you’ve untrue your meal plan for the week, its time to hit the store. When you arrive, buy your protein items and produce first. This may practical very simple and like stable won’t draw on much difference, but it will. Once you’ve filled your cart with all of the acceptable foods, there won’t be room for much exceeding.

Consider buying your meat in bulk. This will save you lots of money if you know where to get family sized packages of meat. When you buy foodstuff in large quantities, you can also cook it in bulk due to well. Taking time a few days per bout to cook meat makes perceptible simple to follow the Atkins plan. You can cook your meat before hand and have it ready to vigor when you compulsion material. You can purchase ground beef, chicken pieces, small steaks and identical seafood significance bulk.

Cheese, if you can tolerate it, can also be purchased in bulk. Many stores offer store – brand cheese in large bricks. You’ll need to make sure to read the labels before you purchase any cheese. Make indubitable that when you eat cheese to eat some fiber ( salad or raw veggies ) as well. Having large blocks of your favorite cheeses on hand trust make it easy to grab a quick snack between meals.

As you walk around the store, stick to the outer edges. The outer aisles have the freshest food. Think about your neighborhood grocery store. Most often the deli, the meat counter and the produce section are all along the sides of the store cloak the packaged items in the aisles. This is especially important if you are force the initial phases of the Atkins diet. You’ll want to stay away from all packaged foods during induction, even if they are low carb packaged foods. Once you add more carbohydrate grams to your daily limit, you can start to experiment with low – carb packaged foods.

That leads to the next important borderline – read the labels! Just because an item says it is gloomy carb, it may have hidden sugars. Do your investigative work at the grocery store so you won’t get native with products that cause you to gain weight.
Shopping for the Atkins diet will take some epoch to get used to. You’ll be navigating parts of the grocery store that you may not be familiar with. You’ll also be purchasing items you’ve never cooked before. However, with planning and dedication low carb shopping will become easier. Just remember to make a list before you visit the sustenance and forge ahead toward the outer aisles of the grocery store. In no time, you’ll be an experienced glum carb shopper.

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Atkins Pre Maintenance Phase

After experiencing the Induction and OWL phases of the Atkins diet, your next step is to inject the pre – maintenance phase. This phase will set you up for a lifetime of healthy and balanced eating and living. You should begin this phase thanks to you come within 5 to 10 pounds of your target weight goal. Your weight loss will be slowed down even further but it is for a purpose. You want to learn the practices and habits that will determine your long – term success.

In the OWL phase, you will be adding carbohydrate grams to your daily count in the velvet of 5 grams per week. During pre – maintenance you will increase that to 10 grams per week. As long as you are continuing to shed weight ( no end how slowly substantive is coming off ) you cede continue to entail grams. Ideally, toward the end of the pre – maintenance phase you will be losing less than one pound per week.

According to the Atkins book, you should continue this phase until you get to your goal weight and can maintain it for a month. This process may yield anywhere from 1 to 3 months. Your goal is to reach a state called “carbohydrate equilibrium. ” This is your ideal carbohydrate intake and certain entrust generate you to perpetuate your regulation perfectly.

During pre – maintenance you’ll get to try a wider fluctuation of foods. Make sure to introduce new foods slowly and increase your carbohydrate intake at a measured pace. Don’t add 20 or 30 carb grams a week. Measuring out the increases in increments of 10 will give you a better idea of your personal carbohydrate count. Knowing this number will help set you up for long term regulation management.

Make sure to check with a carbohydrate counter resource book or a trusted website before you add a new feed to your diet. Some examples of 10 carbohydrate gram foods include 1 / 3 of a cup of legumes, Ѕ an apple, ј cup of potatoes and Ѕ cup of plain oatmeal. These foods duty be included on a daily basis, and then increased the next week.

Pre – maintenance is not a perfect process. It takes a delicate balance of carbohydrate counting and exercise to slow weight loss yet still stroke it forward. You’ll need to pay even closer attention than you have before to make sure that your carb gram increase is not resulting in an increase credit weight. There is a fine line between gaining, maintaining and losing, and during pre – maintenance you are trying to find out just exactly footing that line is.

If you aren’t able to add carbohydrates without stalling your weight heaven, you may have a high metabolic resistance. You will benefit from increasing your exercise regimen to get your metabolism burning at a higher level. For you, the pre – maintenance phase will resemble OWL larger closely.

Some people make a variation on pre – maintenance that allows them to have a treat once a week. Instead of adding 10 grams per day, they allow themselves a 20 to 30 – carbohydrate gram treat a few times a week. Examples of the mirth could be a nymphet of a fruit or a serving of like sugar potatoes. A glass of white wine or ale also qualifies for this treat. This is a fun way to souvenir yourself and still be on the plot.
Yet another way to do pre – maintenance is to average out your carbohydrate intake for the week. Since life is sometimes unpredictable, it can be helpful to have a bit of flexibility in your eating plan. For example, if your commonplace carbohydrate level is at 70 grams, you can limit yourself to 50 grams one day. Then the next day, you can splurge a bit on a meal and have 90 grams for that bit. However, only follow this method if it doesn’t create carbohydrate cravings. Sometimes excess carb grams on one day responsibility make you crave them even more the next day.

The pre – maintenance phase will give you the tools for long – term good luck. By learning to slowly increase your carbohydrate grams, you’ll have a souped up hold on the amount of carbohydrates that is right for you.

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Atkins OWL Phase

The second phase of the Atkins diet is called Ongoing Weight Oblivion or OWL. Nearest the rapid weight loss of the 2 – week Induction phase, you’ll be slowing your weight loss down just a trip. You’ll add in specific carbohydrates that will make your diet a little easier and your weight loss just a bit slower. However, you will continue to lose weight at a steady even gait with ease.

During the OWL phase you will boost your body’s ability to burn fats. Although you’ll be adding carbohydrates slowly, you’ll still remain in the impart of ketosis. You will continue to use your excess fat because fuel for your body, and the pounds and inches will last to come off.

The OWL phase will also teach you to make better carbohydrate choices. The recipes and guidelines for OWL will increase your knowledge about nutritious table. You’ll replace the poor carbohydrate choices that you relied on in the past with new and better choices.

You’ll also learn how many carbohydrates you can consume and still lose weight. The process of the OWL phase is an experiment in what your specific body does with carbs. During the OWL phase, you’ll gradually increase your daily carb intake from the 20 – gram level that you used in induction. Each week you’ll try adding another 5 grams of carbs and then booty note of what happens. When weight loss slows too much, you’ll know that you’ve exceeded your personal carb limit.

OWL also prepares you for your permanent weight management program ( called maintenance ). The habits and practices that you develop during OWL will potency a long way toward your high – term success. Treat this period of your diet as training for the real “test” – your grind diet life.

During the OWL phase, you’ll undisturbed be getting most of your carbohydrates from vegetables ( just as you complete during Induction ). It’s important to continue to eat a submarine variety of vegetables, as they are good for your overall health and precious for maintaining intestinal health during the Atkins diet. You will be able to add more portions of vegetables, and then gradually be able to add nuts, seeds and uninterrupted berries. However, the main focus of the diet will still be protein.

In a way, the Induction phase is easier than measure of the other phases of Atkins. The strict plan always pipeline and always produces weight loss. As you enter the OWL phases, you’ll essential to be more mindful of your carbohydrate count and keep better track of your weight. You’ll have more choice and that may lead to more temptations, which could result in a stalling of your weight loss or even weight gain.

Counting carbohydrate grams is critical in your OWL success. If you don’t count, you commit end up consuming further carbohydrates than you should. However, there are many tools available that can help you with counting. There are several practicable, portable books that leave proclaim you the number of grams of carbohydrates in certain foods. Over time, you’ll know the “carb count” for your favorite foods instantly.

Counting carbs is also needful during the OWL phase because you are playing detective. You are investigating to jewel your personal carb count, the price of carbohydrate grams that you can eat daily and reposeful lose weight. During the first week of OWL, you’ll move from 20 carbohydrate grams to 25. It is recommended that you add this rule the form of more vegetables, compatible asparagus or cauliflower. You’ll continue at the 25 – gram stable for a chronology, and then move up to 30 grams a day.

As you increase your carbohydrate gram level, watch your weight closely. If you experience unduly much of a slowdown, you know you’ve gone too high. You’ll find your maximum carbohydrate gram level when you stop losing weight at all. When this happens, you’ll know you’ve reached your limit. Once you discover your personal carb count, drop down below that number if you requirement to continue losing weight.

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Atkins Maintenance

The final phase of the Atkins diet plan is lifetime maintenance. This is the time to continue your new eating plan at a maintenance level and heap yourself at your goal weight. The habits you retain created will any more become a permanent way of life. During the questioning phase, pre – maintenance, you with it exactly how multiplied carbohydrate grams your body can tolerate and still maintain your ideal weight. Supremacy this phase, you’ll place this approach into actuality and learn to vital with your ideal carb count on a daily basis.

During bout maintenance you cede continue to expand your food selections and eat more carbohydrate grams than you did previously. Depending on your private metabolic needs, you can eat some of the foods that you enjoyed prior to starting your weight loss program. If you make choose to eat these foods, they must be moderated and used sparingly.

Keeping your daily carb count right around your ideal carb count is the easiest way to maintain your weight loss. You weight may fluctuate by two or three pounds from time to time, but this is perfectly normal. This weight fluctuation is due to hormonal changes grease your body.

During maintenance you’ll also learn how to overcome your previous bad habits. Losing weight and keeping it off means dealing with real – star situations. You’ll develop coping strategies for stress eating, emotional eating and story eating. You’ll also develop plans for dealing with eating out in restaurants. The challenges during the maintenance phase are many, but they can reproduce overcome.

It’s all about preparation. When you’ve followed the Atkins diet plan for a great time, you’ve learned exactly how many carbohydrate grams you can handle. You’ve also learned what foods instigate carbohydrate cravings and which foods lead to binges. You’ve developed coping strategies over the passage of your OWL and pre – maintenance phases that you will have to end in lifetime maintenance.

To prepare yourself for lifetime maintenance, make a promise to yourself never to go back to your previous predomination. Make the commitment by donating all of your “fat” clothes. This way, if you do start to gain more than five pounds, you’ll know that you have to buckle down and eat better. Also, write down in a journal or in a list format all of the benefits of being at your new, thinner size. Write about how much better you feel and how carmine you are. This will cement your new way of life preoccupation your mind and your heart.

Choose your lifetime maintenance weight goal range. This is a range of ascendancy that is acceptable to you. For symbol, if your initial weight loss target was to be 165 lbs, your lifetime maintenance ground zero will be 160 to 170 pounds. If your weight starts to creep up toward 170 pounds, then you know that you are being too lenient with your carbohydrate grams. Never let your weight vary more than 3 to 5 pounds in either direction.

Make a commitment to weigh yourself at least once a week. This once – a – week weigh in will give you a good idea of how you are doing on your maintenance program. Use that weekly weight as a guideline for your approach esteem eating for the following week.
In addition to these guidelines, make sure to continue an exercise program. Your metabolism depends entirely upon the value of exercise that you are getting. Making the commitment to exercise goes lift in benefit with the commitment to keep eating correctly.

By following these guidelines, you can make lifetime maintenance intelligible and easy.

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