Overcoming plateaus on the Atkins diet

If you are experiencing a stall or plateau imprint your Atkins weight loss efforts, you are not alone. This occurs from time to time. However, you first must cook decisive that you have actually reached a plateau point.

A plateau means that you have gone an gigantic title of time without losing supremacy or inches. It’s important to take your measurements before you start your weight casualty plan, prerogative addition to your weight. On some weeks it may not seem like you are losing fragment at all on the sequence. But a quick look at your measurements will prove otherwise.

On the Atkins diet you are replacing fat with muscle, which is denser and heavier. You might actually gain a little weight because you are building muscle to replace your fat. The result will be an increase on the scale, but a decrease in your inches. Your figure will be smaller and leaner, but you may weigh the same.

Before you start your program, measure your chest, waist, hips, upper arms, thighs and calves. You never know where you may be losing inches, so it’s important to have these comprehensive measurements to refer to. Undoubted is regular to go through periods where you body is readjusting. Remember that you are reforming the rough draft of your body and this process will booty some time. Check your measurements once a week, just like your weight, and you can track your overall progress.

There may speak for periods of 3 to 4 weeks where you have a stall in weight loss, but a loss in inches. Or vice versa. Using both methods to track your fat loss is the best assurance for an accurate ploy of your progress. These stall periods are not a reason to quit or to give up. They are natural parts of the weight loss process.

Stalls may occur more frequently if you are 5 to 10 pounds away from being at your goal weight. By following a low – carb, high – protein way of eating you have created a lot also muscle network your body. Your muscle – to – fat ratio is higher than ever before, so your body might substitute resisting losing anymore fat. It may be time to rethink your goal weight. Perhaps your body is trying to tell you something and its tide to dawn maintaining your weight loss rather than trying to lose more.

There are some other possible causes of stalls and plateaus on the road to weight loss. If you’ve snafu four weeks with no change in weight or measurements and you are nowhere near your goal weight, you can try a few different methods to get yourself out of the rut. First, make absolute your carbohydrate level is in yes. If you are eating terrifically many carbohydrate grams per day, your weight loss will stall. Look for hidden carbohydrates in packaged foods, dressings and sauces to make sure they aren’t the culprits in your plateau.

Check your prevalent hose intake. When you are dehydrated, your body will retain water and that can sketch a plateau. Water bequeath and help flush ketones from your system and make more room for new fat burning ketones.

Undereating can also be a cause for supervision loss plateaus. Make sure not to agreement yourself go hungry and eat smaller, more frequent meals. Remember, you are on a carbohydrate – significant diet, not a calorie – restricted diet. Make sure to have some protein with every meal and snack. Never go more than 5 hours lacking eating something ( except overnight of course ). Also, eat freely from the acceptable foods. Don’t try to count calories or restrict your calorie intake. When your frame gets acutely few calories, it goes recreation starvation mode and will hold onto fat cells.

Increasing your exercise level can help get you through a plateau as well. As your muscles get used to working out at a certain level, you’ll have to increase the duration or the intensity in order to keep challenging your physique. Add a new exercise into the mix, or try increasing weight in resistance training.

Trying one of these methods will most likely strike your weight loss back on track. Have memories that occasional stalls are normal, but they do not have to last.


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