Atkins OWL Phase

The second phase of the Atkins diet is called Ongoing Weight Oblivion or OWL. Nearest the rapid weight loss of the 2 – week Induction phase, you’ll be slowing your weight loss down just a trip. You’ll add in specific carbohydrates that will make your diet a little easier and your weight loss just a bit slower. However, you will continue to lose weight at a steady even gait with ease.

During the OWL phase you will boost your body’s ability to burn fats. Although you’ll be adding carbohydrates slowly, you’ll still remain in the impart of ketosis. You will continue to use your excess fat because fuel for your body, and the pounds and inches will last to come off.

The OWL phase will also teach you to make better carbohydrate choices. The recipes and guidelines for OWL will increase your knowledge about nutritious table. You’ll replace the poor carbohydrate choices that you relied on in the past with new and better choices.

You’ll also learn how many carbohydrates you can consume and still lose weight. The process of the OWL phase is an experiment in what your specific body does with carbs. During the OWL phase, you’ll gradually increase your daily carb intake from the 20 – gram level that you used in induction. Each week you’ll try adding another 5 grams of carbs and then booty note of what happens. When weight loss slows too much, you’ll know that you’ve exceeded your personal carb limit.

OWL also prepares you for your permanent weight management program ( called maintenance ). The habits and practices that you develop during OWL will potency a long way toward your high – term success. Treat this period of your diet as training for the real “test” – your grind diet life.

During the OWL phase, you’ll undisturbed be getting most of your carbohydrates from vegetables ( just as you complete during Induction ). It’s important to continue to eat a submarine variety of vegetables, as they are good for your overall health and precious for maintaining intestinal health during the Atkins diet. You will be able to add more portions of vegetables, and then gradually be able to add nuts, seeds and uninterrupted berries. However, the main focus of the diet will still be protein.

In a way, the Induction phase is easier than measure of the other phases of Atkins. The strict plan always pipeline and always produces weight loss. As you enter the OWL phases, you’ll essential to be more mindful of your carbohydrate count and keep better track of your weight. You’ll have more choice and that may lead to more temptations, which could result in a stalling of your weight loss or even weight gain.

Counting carbohydrate grams is critical in your OWL success. If you don’t count, you commit end up consuming further carbohydrates than you should. However, there are many tools available that can help you with counting. There are several practicable, portable books that leave proclaim you the number of grams of carbohydrates in certain foods. Over time, you’ll know the “carb count” for your favorite foods instantly.

Counting carbs is also needful during the OWL phase because you are playing detective. You are investigating to jewel your personal carb count, the price of carbohydrate grams that you can eat daily and reposeful lose weight. During the first week of OWL, you’ll move from 20 carbohydrate grams to 25. It is recommended that you add this rule the form of more vegetables, compatible asparagus or cauliflower. You’ll continue at the 25 – gram stable for a chronology, and then move up to 30 grams a day.

As you increase your carbohydrate gram level, watch your weight closely. If you experience unduly much of a slowdown, you know you’ve gone too high. You’ll find your maximum carbohydrate gram level when you stop losing weight at all. When this happens, you’ll know you’ve reached your limit. Once you discover your personal carb count, drop down below that number if you requirement to continue losing weight.


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