Atkins Maintenance

The final phase of the Atkins diet plan is lifetime maintenance. This is the time to continue your new eating plan at a maintenance level and heap yourself at your goal weight. The habits you retain created will any more become a permanent way of life. During the questioning phase, pre – maintenance, you with it exactly how multiplied carbohydrate grams your body can tolerate and still maintain your ideal weight. Supremacy this phase, you’ll place this approach into actuality and learn to vital with your ideal carb count on a daily basis.

During bout maintenance you cede continue to expand your food selections and eat more carbohydrate grams than you did previously. Depending on your private metabolic needs, you can eat some of the foods that you enjoyed prior to starting your weight loss program. If you make choose to eat these foods, they must be moderated and used sparingly.

Keeping your daily carb count right around your ideal carb count is the easiest way to maintain your weight loss. You weight may fluctuate by two or three pounds from time to time, but this is perfectly normal. This weight fluctuation is due to hormonal changes grease your body.

During maintenance you’ll also learn how to overcome your previous bad habits. Losing weight and keeping it off means dealing with real – star situations. You’ll develop coping strategies for stress eating, emotional eating and story eating. You’ll also develop plans for dealing with eating out in restaurants. The challenges during the maintenance phase are many, but they can reproduce overcome.

It’s all about preparation. When you’ve followed the Atkins diet plan for a great time, you’ve learned exactly how many carbohydrate grams you can handle. You’ve also learned what foods instigate carbohydrate cravings and which foods lead to binges. You’ve developed coping strategies over the passage of your OWL and pre – maintenance phases that you will have to end in lifetime maintenance.

To prepare yourself for lifetime maintenance, make a promise to yourself never to go back to your previous predomination. Make the commitment by donating all of your “fat” clothes. This way, if you do start to gain more than five pounds, you’ll know that you have to buckle down and eat better. Also, write down in a journal or in a list format all of the benefits of being at your new, thinner size. Write about how much better you feel and how carmine you are. This will cement your new way of life preoccupation your mind and your heart.

Choose your lifetime maintenance weight goal range. This is a range of ascendancy that is acceptable to you. For symbol, if your initial weight loss target was to be 165 lbs, your lifetime maintenance ground zero will be 160 to 170 pounds. If your weight starts to creep up toward 170 pounds, then you know that you are being too lenient with your carbohydrate grams. Never let your weight vary more than 3 to 5 pounds in either direction.

Make a commitment to weigh yourself at least once a week. This once – a – week weigh in will give you a good idea of how you are doing on your maintenance program. Use that weekly weight as a guideline for your approach esteem eating for the following week.
In addition to these guidelines, make sure to continue an exercise program. Your metabolism depends entirely upon the value of exercise that you are getting. Making the commitment to exercise goes lift in benefit with the commitment to keep eating correctly.

By following these guidelines, you can make lifetime maintenance intelligible and easy.


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