Atkins and Sugar Cravings

Sugar is everywhere you look and it might pop up in some surprising places. Did you know that most whole grain breads have at least one form of sugar effect them? We have a national sweet tooth epidemic. Even if you don’t eat a society of sugary treats you may experience intense sugar cravings in the first few weeks of the Atkins diet. So many “healthy” carbohydrate foods have hidden sugars direction them, your body may be experiencing withdrawal.

The problem with sugar is that your blood sugar is tied into your energy levels and your overall health. When your bloodshot sugar is too low, you will experience intense cravings. High blood sugar is a result of eating high – sugar meals. When you eat concentrated sugar, your blood sugar will raise to high levels. Your pancreas thinks there is something wrong and then it secretes insulin to lower the blood sugar. As this happens more, you can create pre – diabetic conditions in your habit as your pancreas becomes worn out and eventually cannot secrete insulin.

Fortunately, getting started on the Atkins diet plan can put a stop to this cycle. However, this doesn’t mean that sugar cravings go away automatically. Sugar products are wall-to-wall and temptation is sometimes hard to fight.

The best way to approach sugar cravings is with planning. If you maintain a balance of protein, fat and fiber in your wearisome diet you bequeath prevent blood sugar drops that lead to sugar cravings. Besides, do not go too long between meals without eating. Snacks are an important element of keeping your blood sugar stable. Have some handy snacks equal cheese, nuts, seeds and boiled eggs on hand with you so you can quickly stabilize your blood sugar without turning to like sugar treats.

Sugar cravings can again be a sign of a nutritional deficiency. When you are gloomy on magnesium, you will crave chocolate and other sweets. Zinc and chromium can also stave snuff sugar cravings. If you aren’t taking a good multivitamin supplement with these minerals, start immediately. If you are and you are still experiencing cravings, consider trying further supplements of these nutrients.

Another stratagem is to disagreement your teeth. Many Atkins dieters find that brushing their teeth or using Listerine breath strips can help with cravings. Both methods will numb your mouth and prevent you from wanting to eat. Drinking two large glasses of water can also help eliminate cravings. If your stomach is full, so you’ll be less likely to reach for a sugary hilarity.

Sometimes out of sight, out of mind is the best approach. If you find yourself overcome with cravings while you are at home, get outside and take a walk. The distraction will have you forgetting your sugar craving in no time. Calling a friend for support or logging into an Atkins hold forum responsibility also go a long way toward preventing you from succumbing to sugar cravings.

Having a low – carb version of your favorite treat is fresh good idea. You are less up to feel deprived if you can have a satisfying low carb transport. Know onions are a wide variety of low – carb products available on the market that can beat your sweet tooth. Fed up – carb yogurt, chocolate, ice boon and candy can all help you stay on the Atkins plan and still entertain something sweet to eat.

Sugar cravings are a reality of following the Atkins treatment, but the previous tips leave relief you overcome them and stay committed to your weight loss efforts.


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